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The most important questions about the Amazon price comparison

Why "MaxSpar"?

The prices in the individual online shops are sometimes drastically different. This affects not only english online shops, but especially the offers of the European Amazon shops among themselves.

Some product groups are offered significantly cheaper by Amazon in other European countries than in England. For example, technology, tools, household appliances, toys, and many other categories often have a large difference in price. Even with pre-orders, you can often save money with an international Amazon price comparison.

Find the best Amazon price in Europe

MaxSpar will help you to find the best price for your wanted product. Max is looking not only in the english Amazon shop, but also in the other four European online shops,, and and list the cheapest offers clearly.

Of course, Max also takes into account and appreciates the different delivery costs that arise when shipping to Great Britain and converts foreign currencies into pounds. So you have the perfect international Amazon price comparison and find the best deal for your product search - so you can save the maximum!

Do I have to have my own account at every Amazon store?

No, if you are already a customer of, you do not need a new account at one of the international Amazon shops.

You can log in with your local Amazon account on the Stores in Germany, France, Italy and Spain and order directly at the best price. Due to the identical structure of all shops, you will find your way around immediately.

If you don't have an Amazon account, we recommend that you first register with Amazon UK and then use this account with other online stores.

What shipping costs do I have to expect?

Best of all, there are no customs duties within the European Union when goods are ordered in other EU countries. The shipping costs of other Amazon shops to the United Kingdom are moderate and depend on the weight of goods. In the search results, you will see a small icon next to the price that informs you about the expected Amazon shipping costs.

How much can be saved by a European Amazon price comparison?

Due to daily price fluctuations of millions of products and changing actions on the various Amazon marketplaces, there are sometimes enormous price differences in comparison. Depending on the product and category, the savings vary. In most cases you will save even if you add the shipping costs to Great Britain. Try it yourself, and determine the price advantage for your desired product. An Amazon price comparison is always worthwhile - even if it only serves to confirm you the cheapest price in the Amazon UK store.

Do I have a right of withdrawal in European online shops?

EU law gives you the opportunity, just like in England, to withdraw European online orders within 14 days and to return the item. So you do not take any risks when buying in another Amazon store.

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